Unveiling Our New Identity in Christ

The world tells us that we are defined by our past. We then believe the lies that we are too messed up, have made too many mistakes, and that it’s impossible to change. We see ourselves through the lens of our fallen character and we allow that to shape our identity, carrying it through into our Christian life. Thankfully, that’s not the whole story.

God Has A Voice

He will not leave you without answers for your life
Like many Christians, Heather Thompson spent years struggling with fears and feelings of inferiority. In her mind she knew God as her loving Heavenly Father, but an inner conflict prevented her from enjoying a secure relationship with Him. Struggling with poor self-image and insecurity, she meditated on the Scriptures, hoping that the truths would penetrate her heart.

Heather’s liberation came when she discovered the Scriptural truth that our spirit is who we really are. When our spirit is renewed by the new birth, it becomes righteous, not because of our performance, but because the Spirit of Jesus dwells within. Any sinful thoughts, attitudes, or actions that we have from this time on are coming from our souls and bodies, which have still to undergo progressive change into alignment with the Spirit of Jesus within us. The Father’s heart towards His children is one of love, love that is consistent even when we are not. This is a practical series, written for those who seek to know who God is, who they are in Him, and who, through the ministry of God’s presence in their lives, are empowered to find a way out from wrong thinking and self-condemnation. Filled with Scriptural understanding and Bible references, The Ministry of the Father’s Heart reveals how God guided Heather into experiencing the deep love of her Heavenly Father, a journey that you too can enjoy. This first book, A Journey of Discovery, explores the foundations of faith in God.

Growing in Faith in God
Sharing it the World Around Us

You matter to God. He loves you unconditionally.
God wants to reveal His true heart to you, a heart of love, compassion, grace and mercy. He is righteous, just and faithful, the One in whom you can trust.
“Taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.”

Psalm 34:8

Meet Heather Thompson

A brief history of the author
The Ministry of the Father’s Heart is a series of three books officially launched in 2022. In these books Heather Thompson describes what she learnt as she walked with her Heavenly Father seeking to know Him and His ways. Through listening to Him for guidance she learned how to minister healing and restoration to those who were tormented or were prisoners of the darkness caused by trauma. Her prayer is that in reading these books others will find that same freedom in Jesus Christ.

Heather was born in Scotland, the daughter of a Church of Scotland minister. She gained an honours degree from the University of Edinburgh and taught mathematics in Further Education. In 1979 she came to Northern Ireland, the homeland of her mother, and completed a Master’s degree in Computing Science at Queens University, Belfast, while tutoring there on the PGCE course. In 1988, she answered the call of God to full-time ministry and completed a Theology Diploma in Union College, Belfast. She served as a member of the Pastoral Team in West Presbyterian Church, Bangor, for twenty-three years until 2011, when she retired. During that time she led various groups, including Prayer Ministry and Life in the Spirit Seminars, visited homes pastorally, and completed accreditation with the Association of Christian Counsellors. Along with those on her counselling/ministry team, she ministered restoration and healing under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to many who were broken-hearted or had been fragmented because of trauma.

She has a daughter, Susan, a son Niall and a daughter-in-law Mags, and three grandchildren, Benjamin, Sophie and Charlotte.

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