Unveiling Our New Identity in Christ


The world tells us that we are defined by our past. We then believe the lies that we are too messed up, have made too many mistakes, and that it’s impossible to change. We see ourselves through the lens of our fallen character and we allow that to shape our identity, carrying it through into our Christian life. Thankfully, that’s not the whole story.



The world tells us that we are defined by our past. We then believe the lies that we are too messed up, have made too many mistakes, and that it’s impossible to change. We see ourselves through the lens of our fallen character and we allow that to shape our identity, carrying it through into our Christian life. Thankfully, that’s not the whole story.

In her second book Unveiling Our New Identity In Christ, Heather Thompson explores what our identity is as a new creation and that our past no longer has to define us.

You’ll explore the depths of Scripture as you uncover the beauty of your worth and purpose in Jesus Christ. You’ll learn about the resources you have because the Spirit of Christ lives within you. You’ll experience the freedom that comes from understanding who you are in God’s eyes and learning how to live out that truth every day.

Are you ready to discover who you were made to be? If so, then unleash your true identity with Unveiling Our New Identity In Christ!

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